About Us

About Us

We are senior experts in traffic infrastructure and connected cars.

25+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and CPA

Mark Holzwanger

CEO / Co-Founder

Founder and former CEO of VIM

Elazar Joseph

Advisory Board Member

10+ years of experience in ITS and traffic signal control and operation

Heng Hu

CTO / Co-Founder

Civil Engineering Professor at the University of Michigan. Director at Mcity

Henry Liu

Advisory Board Member

20+ years of experience as a product and market development manager

Craig Anderson

Business Development

18+ years of experience in the connected vehicles space

Maria Grazia Verardi

Business Development

10+ years of experience in corporate finance

Maryam von Schwedler


Our Story

Live Traffic Data was founded in 2013 with the goal of connecting existing traffic signal infrastructure and changing the way traffic agencies and industry leaders understand signalized traffic intersections.

Live Traffic Data’s disruptive technology was developed by the University of Minnesota Department of Civil Engineering and was previously known as Smart Signal Technologies.

The technology has been deployed with DOTs in Minnesota and California since 2007 and is currently implemented in 17+ states with additional deployments with traffic agencies on a weekly basis.